VUE-3 Double Clear-Bottom Kayak

VUE-3 Double Clear-Bottom Kayak

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The VUE 3 double sit-on-top kayak is the latest in the transparent kayak range from Bay Kayaks, incorporating a see-through bottom into a well designed body. If you're interested to see not just whats around you, but also the spectacular sea life beneath you, then the Vue-3 from Bay Kayaks is perfect. 

Supporting up to 200kg in weight, the very stable VUE 3 can seat two adults whilst also providing plenty of storage. A watertight compartment at the front is ideal for keeping your phone, wallet and keys dry, whilst a generous storage bay at the rear can hold your dry-bag, esky and even a fishing anchor. Four in-built fishing rod holders are perfect for dropping a line and trawling, or even useful to put an umbrella in to shade you from the sun!

The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV stabilised plastic walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles, due to poor quality control. The large viewing windows are crystal clear, allowing you to experience the colourful marine life below in pure clarity.

Every single VUE 3 kayak is tested to ensure optimal 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 

Perfect for exploring beautiful coral reefs, boat owners, hotel resorts and kayak hire businesses wanting to offer a unique experience to their customers, or those who just want to explore fascinating sea life in a whole new way, the VUE-3 is a truly a must have kayak. 

Standard Equipment:

  • 2 Deluxe Kayak Seat 
  • 2 Transparent Blade Paddles
  • 1 Watertight Hatch Cover (25cm)
  • 1 Front, 1 Rear, 2 Side handles

Recommended Accessories:

Why choose a WINNER KAYAK, how are they different? 
Winner Kayaks are a trusted brand throughout the world and have been making kayaks since 1995. Winner produces over 20,000 kayaks a year, and with years of research and development, assurance of quality is of absolute importance. At Bay Kayaks, all our Winner Kayaks come with a 5 year limited warranty on the kayaks hull and have a 5 year UV resistance rating.

L: 3.8mtrs W: 0.70mtrs H: 0.30mtrs
Weight: 29kgs
Maximum weight capacity: 200kg

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
There are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our Winner Kayaks, therefore at Bay Kayaks we paddle what we preach. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as its returned in ‘as new’ condition.