Winner Velocity 2 Sit on Top 2.7m Adult + Child Kayak White Blue

Velocity 2 - Single 2.7m Sit On Top Kayak (Adult + Child)

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The Velocity 2 caters for 2 people: an adult and a child, yet is still very compact, light and easy to handle. The Velocity 2 has the option of being both a single and double kayak and has an extra moulded seat in between the legs of the main paddler for a child. It has space for storage upfront and storage behind you for your dry bag, and other kayaking essentials. 

It was designed to be used in every possible situation, from surfing the break on your local beach to sauntering down your local river. Due the robust nature of this kayak, your adventure is limited only by your imagination. The hard chine design paired with a V-shape hull give this Velocity 2 kayak the ability to cut better through the water, meaning it will track straight in the water. If you’re looking for a kayak that’s easy to use, stable, tracks well in the water, has the option to fit an adult and child, and has plenty of storage space, then the Velocity 2 is the kayak of choice.

The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV stabilised plastic walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles, due to poor quality control. Every single Velocity kayak is tested to ensure 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 

Key Features

  • Moulded seat base for a child.
  • Wide cockpit and seating area.

Standard Equipment: 

  • 1 Lightweight Premium Paddle
  • 1 Standard Backrest
  • Bow, Stern & Side handles
  • Drain plug
  • Rubber scupper plugs for drainage.
  • Deck Rigging with Reflective Material (glows when distant light shines on it)

    Recommended Accessories:

    5 Year Warranty - Replacement Guarantee

    5 Year Kayak WarrantyWinner Kayaks are a trusted kayak brand making kayaks since 1995 and with years of research and development, assurance of quality is of absolute importance. We are so confident in the build quality that all our kayaks come with a full 5 year warranty & 5 year UV resistance rating. 

     Day Money Back Guarantee 

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee on KayaksThere are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our kayaks. Therefore at Bay Kayaks we paddle what we preach; We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as its returned in ‘as new’ condition.

    2.69mtrs W: 0.78mtrs H: 0.40mtrs
    Weight: 22kgs
    Maximum weight capacity: 108kg
    Colours available: See below.

    (Please be aware, there are copies of this kayak currently on the market. The ones we offer are manufactured by Winner Kayaks to exacting standards and are not to be confused with lower quality items).