Leisure Double Ski

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The LS2 Leisure Single Ski is the double version of our popular LS1. Boasting the same hard-wearing durability, reliability and great value as its famous little brother, the LS2 is the perfect ski for any adventurous duo looking for a way to get out on the water. Extremely hard-wearing and much lighter than standard, rotor-moulded plastic kayaks, this is the ski of choice for rock solid reliability, durability and value.

L: 4.20mtrs; W: 0.66mtrs; H: 0.20mtrs
Weight: 33kgs
Maximum weight capacity: 300kg

  • Fibreglass with polyurethane foam core.
  • Also includes carry handles, and moulded fin.
*The LS2 Leisure Double Ski is fully customisable at specific customer request. Additional design charges may apply.