Underwater Viewing

Our underwater viewing kayaks will give you an unforgettable experience, time after time! Commonly known as clear-bottom kayaks, see-through kayaks, 100% transparent kayaks or glass-bottom canoes, they provide a hybrid between a crystal clear viewing window into the marine life below and a sturdy, well built kayak that tracks well on the water. Clear Bottom Kayaks can be fitted with fishing rod holders so you can see where the fish are beneath you, and come decked out with storage areas plus a watertight twist-lock hatch at the bow.

Why choose an underwater viewing kayak? Perfect for people wanting to explore beautiful coral reefs & experience the incredible colours of fish through a large crystal-clear viewing window, or those who just want to explore fascinating sea life in a whole new way. Whether you own a boat, live near the water, love marine life or simply enjoy keeping active, the pristine waters Australia is so lucky to have means you can now take your kayaking experience to a whole new level.

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