Fishing Kayaks

Kayak Fishing is now one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. Whilst many kayaks can be modified for fishing, there are many kayaks specifically designed for keen fishermen. Generally Sit on Top kayaks are most popular for fishing due to their stability on the water, as some people prefer to stand up whilst fishing from their kayak.

What features to look for in a good fishing kayak? Rod holders (flush and/or mounted), Comfortable seat with good back support (Deluxe Kayak Seat or 360° Swivel Seat), Storage space (storing your fresh catch, anchor and fishing gear), Stability (wide enough to not tip over when you catch a big one!), and also the Colour (camouflage colours are popular, whilst a sand or white bottom is known to be a good choice of colour for fishing kayaks). Sit-In kayaks can also be kitted out to be a fishing boat, although sit-on-top kayaks are by far the most popular fishing kayak type.

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