Double Kayaks

Double kayaks come in a range of sizes, shapes and different weights to suit any budget and requirements. This category includes all the different types of 2-person & 3-person kayaks such as Sit on Top kayaks, Sit-In kayaks, recreational kayaks, triple kayaks, family kayaks, touring kayaks, fishing kayaks and sea kayaks. 

Why choose a double kayak? Simply put, more paddle power in one boat! It's also a very social way to kayak, being able to take in the view whilst keeping active with a companion. Recreational double & triple kayaks are great for couples and families to explore bays, lakes and rivers, whilst the Sit In type double kayaks are designed for the team who wish to ocean or sea kayak. They are also excellent value, as they are always better value than buying the equivalent of two single kayaks. Lastly, parents can take out their kids and pets, an advantage as the parents will be stronger paddlers.

Our single kayaks range from 29kgs in weight, can have fishing rods fitted, have plenty of storage compartments for all your gear, and are the best made plastic kayaks on the market, built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

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